Ksenia Anske

I almost can’t believe my fingers as I’m typing this.

It has happened again! I read a book that inspired me so much, and hit me so hard that I had to contact the author to tell her so. That book was Irkadura by Ksenia Anske. I followed her Facebook, and I was completely enamored by everything about her. She’s Russian, and didn’t know any English before 1998. But now she writes in English! She writes novels! She writes things that matter. And she wears tutus to interviews! And she hung out with Amanda Palmer like it was no big deal!

I was a fan. I sent her gushing fan mail.

And then, only a couple of days later Ksenia Anske wrote on her Facebook that she had lost her editor, who needed to take 2015 off for personal reasons.

Could it be that yet again I could have a chance to edit the very words which are currently inspiring me?

It sounds too good to be true, but it happened! I am experiencing déjà vu. Is this not how it happened with Sara King?

I sent her an email about my freelance editing, offered to send her a sample of how I would work with an unedited couple of chapters.


I am now editor to two of my favorite authors in the world. There’s not much that could trump that right now, other than getting somewhere with my own writing. WHICH WILL HAPPEN. One day.

I have to go float around on cloud 5734673 right now. Cloud 9 is for amateurs.


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  1. Martha Ellen Anderson says:

    Sarah, I knew that some day you would find others like you….unique birds with special uncommon perceptive, expressive ways. What a joy it is to this Grammy to hear that these deep connections are happening for you. I remember when my father told me that I was his ugly duckling….It was after I had turned swan. Your gift was there, Sarah, all along, and I am happy that you have found swans swan enough to swim with you. Also thankful that you are learning to ask for your self, something I didn’t activate until I was older than you are now. Love you forever….I couldn’t find your fruition for you, and I am so thankful you have found it on your own. Love to both you and Chas….Grammy

  2. BRILLIANT! Cheers for seizing an opportunity and for building the future you desired!

    Choose Your Own Adventure!

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